We manufacture winding and shape cold-formed springs.

Springs are manufactured in this types: tension, compression,  shaped springs and

rings made from wire of circular cross section. We shape also low carbon steel wires.

For our regular customers we have prepared their range of springs for immediate delivery. We supply springs with final finish by customer: zinc plating, tin plating, blackening, polishing.

We use processes and procedures that are in accordance with the standard

ISO 9000:2016 (download here)






Pružiny Čermák, s.r.o.




Used material

Dimension: 0,2 – 8 mm

· Drawn spring wire patented EN 10 270-1, ČSN 42 6450, DIN 17 223.

· Drawn spring wire stainless steel EN 10 270-3, DIN 17 224


Drawn wire tempered when towing VDSiCr (limited range).