Company history

Company Pružiny Čermák, s r.o. is the continuator of the company Jan Čermák

Company Jan Cermak – business was founded in 1992 and since then also traded with springs.  In 1997, began to manufacture springs.

In 2004, the company Pružiny Čermák, s r.o. was founded as a continuator of the original company, Jan Cermak - business.

In 2006 the company Pružiny Čermák, s r.o. bought from ADAST (Adamovské strojírny) equipment for the manufacture of springs and transferred their experienced staff in its operation.

In 2007 company shipped 140 tons springs, that gives an indication of company size..

In 2009 Pružiny Čermák, s r.o. bought the entire device from the Zmeškal company (the company Zmeškal was created by splitting  Pružinárna Zbrojovka Brno).

The last change in our company is a start of production of bed fittings.

Pružiny Čermák, s.r.o.